About us

Our Mission

Rebel Baseball is born of the desire for a youth baseball experience whose primary goal is to provide top-level tools and support to help young athletes go as far as their passion and ambition for baseball can take them.  Baseball offers many life lessons: the rewards of dedication, discipline, teamwork, and overcoming adversity.  At Rebel Baseball, we are driven by the love of the game, not profits, not organizational accolades, not coaches’ egos.  We exist for the players and their families, in that order.  Players will find coaches that provide real feedback about talent and athleticism. We won’t just tell kids they need to get better -- we want to teach them how to do it. We promise to help athletes identify their strengths and weaknesses and to create an individualized plan for each player to achieve his goals.  Whether a player is aiming for a starting position on his high school team or a chance to make baseball part of his college experience, or beyond, each will have a different path, different goals, and different abilities.  We are committed to these athletes because we believe they are all capable of amazing accomplishments when they put in the work, take accountability for their development, and own their future.